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Thread: Centerlinks, aftermarket motor mounts, ballistic fab parts.

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    You may have missed the bus on this one. Richard has been MIA for a while now. I was fortunate enough to get a pair, glad i did too. Good luck.

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    Anyone know what happened to him? I miss seeing him around.

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    He's in school full time and working full time in a new job. Not to mention he has a full time girlfriend.

    Unfortunately, he has not been easy to get a hold of and I have not seen him in 6+ months. Just an email every one and again.

    I am sure he'll be back around in due time.

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    just out of curiousity wat ever happened to his frontier build (the black one with mog 9s). i loved where that truck was goin. does he atleast still drive a nissan? haha i hope he gets back into the game soon ive got a list for him.
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