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Thread: Make your Low pinion Dana44 stronger than a Dana50 CHEAP!

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    Default Make your Low pinion Dana44 stronger than a Dana50 CHEAP!

    For a while now I've been thinking about weight, and cost of my rig. I like the idea of putting one tons under my rig, but didn't like the size, and cost of it.

    I stumbled on this while cruising Pirate one day.
    It's basically a kit that allows you to stuff Dana 50 internals into a Dana44. The only problem is it's only for the HP Dana44. Not good for me, but great for some people here.

    Then I saw he was doing a kit that would stuff the Jeep JK D44 internals into a LP D44. The only downside is you need a 3.73 and lower carrier( but they do sell a kit to adapt an ARB locker if you already have one.

    Here are some pics of the yoke differences. It's the same diameter as a D60 Yoke(but the splines are different)

    Here are some more pics

    The ring gear is almost as big as a D50.

    He will also adapt your diff cover to fit the load bolt and the cap girdle supports.

    I'm thinking this kit with the RCV shaft, and you would have a VERY strong axle with awesome ground clearance, and very light.

    edit, forgot to add the price
    $240 Jana K4 Base kit


    $36 Pair of carrier bearings
    $40 Upgrade to 1350 yoke (base kit comes with 1310)
    $225 cover Girdle
    $45 (3) qt. Severe gear 250
    $210 Ring & pinion: 4.88s, 5.13, 5.38 ($253 4.56)
    $25 pair of inner axle seals 30 & 33 spline ($20 for 35 spline)
    $40 Pinion head set up bearing
    $13 Upgrade to solid pinion preload spacer & shims (kit comes with crush sleeves)

    Now if Ballistic would come out with the bomb proof BJs!
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    That's for the Jana54. It only works with the HP Dana44s. This one is the Jana k4. It works with the LP Dana 44s, and is actually stronger.

    I edited the title so it wasn't confusing.
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    ah ok, cool. seems like a slick upgrade.

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    Cool idea and I have seen them run on a couple buggies out here. How do you figure a LP is stronger than a HP though?
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    This kit uses the jk ring gear which is stronger than the Dana50 kit for the high pinion 44 according to the guy that makes the kit.

    edit, here are the numbers.

    Your Ring & Pinion is 44% stronger! with no loss of ground clearance.
    Dana rates the 44 @ 3460 Ft-lbs maximum momentary output torque.
    Although I could not get exact figures from Dana the pictures show that the JK44 gears are beefier than a D50 set and since Dana rates the 50 @ 5000 Ft-lbs maximum momentary output torque.
    Your going to get more than 1500 ft-lb increase in capacity.
    Also if you have alloy axles, then your current week link is the most difficult and expensive part to repair ie, the ring & pinion. Lets not have that.
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