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    Default 1995 D21 HARDBODY SINGLE CAB 4x4 PARTS

    Looking for some parts for the hardbody. Just bought a 95 single cab 4x4. Looking at turning it into an expedition/camping - very light crawling ability vehicle

    Looking for the following in order of importance (to me -my dog and then the girlfriend )

    - Off road Ft bumper with winch plate

    - Frame sliders, ft skid plate, rear diff skid plate, etc

    - Off road Rear bumper

    - Soft top bed topper for standard cab with 6 ft bed

    - Rear locker for a 4 cyl, 5 speed, 4x4 - not sure what the rear axle type ( think it's a H233b)

    - center console options (if there are any for a bench seat)

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    If the D21 is set up like the D22 then changing to buckets and adding the console should be a bolt-in.

    The rear axle is the 4-pinion 31-spline H233B, you just need a Lock Right or a Detroit to drop into the carrier.

    Do not worry about a diff skid, the housing is really tough to start with.

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