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HID headlights are a joke!
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Thread: HID headlights are a joke!

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    Default HID headlights are a joke!

    Holy Crap! I bought a pair of HID lights for the front of my truck when I am finished doing the engine swap, but I think I am going to return them and get some LEDs. I just tried to repair my GF's 2001 Acura TL headlight on the driver side. 1 Bulb from Autozone ($107.00) didnt fix the problem so I called the dealer. The dealer was more than willing to sell me the inverter (converts DC to AC for the metal Hallide Xenon bulbs that run HIDs) and the Ignitor (ballast) for a total of $547.90!!! And they were non returnable!! And they said just put them on and see what fixed it first!! WTF??!! Then I come to find out that aftermarket ballasts burn out often, like every 6-8 mos! Worst part is neither the inverter or the ignitor/ballast are available through any auto parts stores. Geezo! Anybody else have a better story? I am not impressed at this point, especially considering the quality of light from these suckers. IMHO, they are barely better than a Xtravision Halogen from Autozone for $25.00. I am going to end up using RTV and siliconing a Halogen in the housing and eliminating the entire HID system. Its a 13 YO car for crying out loud. Sorry for the rant, but talk about a scheme!
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    Yup. I tried the HID lights once. Total crap. The biggest problem was the HID kit changes where the light originates, and the reflectors will throw the light in a random pattern instead of a nice clear cutoff. Of course now I'm running Mitsubishi fog lights for headlights, but my rig isn't street legal anymore anyway.

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    I cant imagine the aftermarket kits being good at all if the factory setup is this lame. I am a nerd by nature, and was an electrician for several years while in college. I installed numerous metal-hallide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps in a ton of commercial applications for outdoor lighting in parking lots. Its old technology, and I think HID lights for automotive applications is just the wheel reinvented and resold at a higher price. I am a fan of Halogens and LED lights all the way, and funny thing is, LED is the oldest of all having been discovered in the 1920's! LMAO
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    Just go with a set of Ultra white bulbs and a set of LEDs. Better in my opinion.
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