Hey all!

Engine died on the way to a final I was taking downtown. Pulled over, tried to crank the motor, saw there was no spark but everything else was good.Took it to my local mechanic, timing belt snapped.

So there I was thinking my truck was done & I was late for my final.

BUT ALAS - my sister and mom showed up, my mom let me take her car to my test (sister's car died randomly while waiting for the tow truck too). THEN I find out today the pistons/valves are fine, engine runs like a champ with a new timing belt & water pump. Just pray that if it happens to you, you are at idle :P

P.S. I may be looking at getting a 2015 Manual PRO 4X in the near future, but it'll be hard to part from old Iron Sides in favor of a large overloaded & bloated monster.