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01 pathfinder hints?
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Thread: 01 pathfinder hints?

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    Default 01 pathfinder hints?

    Hey guys,

    So I am in the market to get a new vehicle since my '89 pathfinder hates this cold weather. I am just looking for some hints on what to look for when checking out an '01 pathfinder? Any specific engine issues I should look for? Rust spots?

    Anything helps!

    It has the 3.5L engine with 104,000 on it. I will ask for a carfax and see if they have maintenance records such as when the timing belt was last replaced.

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    check the front inner fender (unibody structural) for rust. there was a huge recall for that anywhere there is salt.
    Make sure the windows all operate, they had a wierd issue with that.
    I had an 02 QX4 so feel free to ask me anything.

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    Very nice, it makes me understand more.


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    pretty sure the 3.5 is a VQ, so timing chain not belt but i could be wrong. unibody etc so you won't be able to get too crazy with lift or tires.

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