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Thread: VG30E or VG30i cams.

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    Default VG30E or VG30i cams.

    Hey guys I'm looking for a a pair of cams from a VG30E or VG30i engine found in the V6 trucks and Pathfinders, I'm planning to transplant them into my VG33E Frontier.

    So contact me here, by phone 575-495-7216 or email

    Thanks for the help!

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    I've got two sets sitting on the self in the garage. Make me an offer.

    SAS, SOA, 3.91:1, 5.13, ARBx2, 35's and way to much $$$ invested.

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    Hello Casper,

    Well as luck would have it I bought some early z31 300zx (VG30E) 252/252 cams to try in my VG33. Anyone got any real world experience? The Hardbody/Pathy cams all seem to be 248/248 but the VG33 are 240 intake and 244 exhaust with a reduced lift. .354 vs .393 on the VG30's

    Also buying some HG49 gears to help out here at this altitude, keeping stock tire size, currently HG46.

    It could be the ZX cams will not work for me and if so I'll be contacting you for the 248's

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    No longer needed, I got a set!

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