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Thread: Looking to rebuild my motor a Ka24e

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    Default Looking to rebuild my motor a Ka24e

    I'm looking for a good shop in the Denver front range area to redo my motor in a 93 D21 Hardbody 4x4 I heard of a place called All Pro machining......has anyone heard anything about these guys ???
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. .....I was going to sell it but I just can't do it, I love this little truck.

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    I'm also looking into maybe getting a crate motor or a remanufactured one.....if anyone has any recommendations on one of these options I would greatly appreciate it. ......thanks !!!

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    No idea on All Pro....I'm guessing you might want to ask on one of the Tuner sites for info on re-builders, most of just put in junk yard motors because they are cheap and building an expensive motor for a heavy brick just doesn't seem worth the effort.

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    Tuner sites ??? Not really familiar with any.

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