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Thread: Calmini Sas help please

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    Default Calmini Sas help please

    So I am helping a friend of mine install a calmini sas. the kit arrives four months after it was ordered and is incomplete.

    most of the parts I'm able to source and or fabricate but I need some help

    Radius on joints were missing I source them from ballistic fabrication

    Track bar MIA as well as the entire sway bar kit

    does anyone have or know the measurement for the track bar that is one of the parts they did not ship

    I need to know the length of the centerbar and the item I like I'm going to use .25 inch 1.5" dom and some 3/4" heims

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    Did you get the measurement figured out yet? If not I can get it for you. I was reading on another forum where 2 other guys are having the same problem your buddy has. Alot of missing parts from the SAS kit. I know people have had issues with them but I didnt know it was this bad.

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    I've got an extra stock Calmini track bar laying around if needed, as well as a complete Calmini sway bar setup(still need to take part of it of the X though). I'f you want them I can ship them out Friday, just make me an offer.
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