OK guys, I built my VG34 and put it into my 2002 Frontier, I used 1985 300zx cams and they are working fine. Climbing Crow hill much better than the old VG33. Still in the break-in mode but 1000 miles and the oil is still on the full mark! I swapped out the old 4.63 gears for the 4.9 gears from an Xterra. Planning on a 2.5 inch exhaust system this summer. Also planning on the Volante air cleaner system. The only thing I need to do mechanically is change the transfer case to one from the 4.9 geared Xterra. 2 reasons: the speedo reads 3mph fast and the extension housing bushing is worn out. I have the old good running VG33E free to a good home. Stored at my friends house in Conifer.