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    Looks like this forum hasn’t seen much traffic lately but it’s worth a shot. The guy I had helping me with my SAS a couple years back took off with all of my internals and brake assemblies.

    I still have my housing, knuckles, high steer arms, diff cover, gears, and install kit but other than that the carrier, brakes, axle shafts etc are gone.

    I’d like to buy another complete axle regardless of housing condition rather than spend an ungodly amount on building from scratch.

    I’ve relocated back to Northern CO so anywhere in CO or even bordering states would be a good option. The only one I’ve found through CL is already “built” and as such is more than I can afford to throw down.

    I’d also consider just the disc brake assembles and wheel mounting surfaces and then just ordering new shafts and a locker. So please let me know what you have laying around.


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    Pull and Pay Denver had one this weekend....someone pulled the leafs so it should be pretty easy to get.

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